Your Mouth Mirrors the Health of Your Whole Body (3)



In the previous part of our series, we described the negative impact of amalgam fillings on your health and how we remove them gently to improve your well being. The most common oral health issue is dental caries and gum inflammations. They are so prevalent that many of us no longer consider them diseases. There are several reasons why people worldwide suffer from these conditions, and it's not just a matter of consuming industrially processed sugar or lacking regular dental hygiene.


Teeth and gums, like all other organs and tissues in the body, are influenced by changes in homeostasis. In other words, maintaining the stability of the body's internal environment, essential for its normal functioning (e.g., constant temperature, pH, ion concentrations, etc.). Our regulatory systems continuously work to maintain this stable body environment, which is essentially constantly exposed to internal and external unwanted influences that make it more acidic, including the oral cavity. These factors include stress, inappropriate diet (high sugar consumption), hidden infections, conventional cleaning and laundry products, medications, heavy metals from industrial production, dental fillings or cosmetics, inadequate oral hygiene, etc. Some factors are challenging to influence (the air we breathe, the water we drink, etc.), so it's advisable to focus on those we can control.


To neutralize the acidic pH, our body utilizes various substances, such as antioxidants, vitamin C, or calcium. Calcium is derived, among other sources, from our teeth, whose outermost layer, enamel, is predominantly composed of calcium and phosphate ions. The acidic environment directly in the oral cavity disrupts the integrity of tooth enamel. This is the result of bacteria multiplying in the film (plaque) that forms on the teeth during the day. These processes lead to the loss of minerals from tooth enamel, eventually causing damage and the development of dental caries.

Therefore, it is evident that we need to continually replenish everything the body loses during continuous homeostatic processes. Adequate minerals and trace elements, especially calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A, D, K, zinc, manganese, vitamin C, and B12, play a crucial role in dental health. Collagen is also essential.


The formation of dental caries requires not only the presence of bacterial plaque in the oral cavity but also another condition - the presence of simple sugars that the microbes feed on. If these two factors work together for a sufficient period, teeth will begin to deteriorate.

For prevention, it is crucial to limit sugar intake in the diet and maintain regular dental hygiene, both at home and professionally in the dental office. We recommend the removal of bacterial plaque from the tooth surface, which, over time, transforms into dental calculus every 3 months. Ideally, this includes treatment with an ozone generator that destroys pathogens at the cellular level and regenerates tissues. This benefits overall health.

Bacteria are present not only in the area of plaque-affected teeth but also circulate throughout the entire bloodstream, potentially manifesting in weakened areas anywhere in the body. Next time, we will address the topic of chronic oral inflammations.


If you have dental issues despite proper and regular dental hygiene, it may be a warning sign of kidney imbalance. As we mentioned in the first part of the series, according to Chinese medicine, kidneys influence teeth, bones, hair, lower orifices, saliva, hearing, and balance, all of which fall under the Water element. Emotions like fear, anxiety, and feelings of dread are also associated with this element.

In practice, we have seen clients with recurring dental caries, such as a veterinary medicine student who experiences fear not only during every exam period but also the pressure from her family. She is afraid of potential failure and disappointing her family. Another case is a woman who constantly worries about her children and grandchildren, their relationships, social security, and more. In addition to dental caries, this led to the deterioration of surrounding tissues (periodontium).


To maintain a healthy internal environment in the body, including the oral cavity, regular detoxification is essential, particularly for the kidneys burdened by pathogens and toxins. A range of Cytosan products, mentioned in the previous part, is ideal for this purpose. Additionally, mineral supplementation and general immune system strengthening are vital. Fytomineral is excellent for maintaining an adequate mineral and trace element supply in the body, Flavocel contains a high amount of vitamin C, Skeletin and Goji are our preferred choices for strengthening teeth and bones. It's also worth mentioning less commonly used products such as Nigella Sativa and Maca, which contain calcium, phosphorus, and zinc, or alkalizing Barley and rejuvenating Hawaii Spirulina with the rare vitamin B12. Collagen replenishment is offered by the excellent QI collagen drink, enriched with natural vitamin C. Regarding oral hygiene, we recommend alternating among all three toothpaste types: Silix, Diamond, and Balsamio. Comprehensive kidney system harmonization and strengthening can be achieved with Renol in combination with Skeletin or King Kong, and the newly available Mycoren from the Mycosynergy range. The kidney's path can be supported by applying pentagram cream Artrin. Further, the kidney circuit can be bolstered with Smilax officinalis tea, rich in vitamins A, C, D, calcium, manganese, and other necessary elements for tooth and gum regeneration. We suggest customizing suitable products for individual clients. Energy also offers numerous cosmetic products rich in herbs and essential oils, which have delightful scents and, most importantly, contain no chemical additives. Let's make use of these products, as they won't burden our bodies like typical cosmetics. These are factors that we can effectively influence!