Toothpastes we Recommend

Frequently asked question we get from you: What is the best toothpaste for me? That is why we have decided to make a page for you, where you will easily find a selection of the best toothpastes we recommend. All pastes are natural, because we don't want to get chemicals into our mouths. Another of our main criteria is that the toothpastes must be fluoride-free. Fluoride is actually toxic and burdens our body.

You can also buy these toothpastes from us at DUO SMILE, where we will be happy to advise you on your choice. 

What treasures have we chosen for you?

Dr. Hauschka

Saltwater Sensitive Toothpaste. Mineral saltwater, sea salt, plant extract of which hazel and natural cleansing agents strengthen gums and prevent bleeding. Contains no peppermint or menthol, as recommended in homeopathy.

PS: Attention! Highly addictive.

GC Tooth Mousse - Vanilla

This bioactive dental cream with calcium and phosphate based on water will help you to have a beautiful smile. It contains the formula recaldent, which is a derivative of the milk protein casein. It is actually a superhero between toothpastes that will protect your teeth day and night. Comes in flavours!

Innova Sensitive

An innovative dental duo for the regeneration of tooth enamel and healthy gums. Try strengthening toothpaste and liquid tooth enamel. We recommend it especially before whitening, after whitening, for pregnant women and in case of hypersensitivity of teeth.

Biomed Superwhite

Gently whitens and strengthens sensitive tooth enamel. You will find papaya and pineapple extracts in it, which remove plaque and gently polish the enamel. The combination of coconut oil and cinnamon creates an effective care for the gums.


Ultracomplex paste will provide you with complete protection and whitening effect for sensitive teeth. Chamomile essential oil extract has anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing effects.

Sensitive White

An ideal choice for fig lovers. Effective firming toothpaste supplements the lack of minerals and reduces the sensitivity of teeth. Fig extract has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Great for those who wear braces.


Effective strengthening toothpaste remineralize tooth enamel and reduces tooth hypersensitivity. Vitamins C, B3, E and flavonoids as part of walnut extract have an antioxidant effect.


Raspberry paste whitens teeth, strengthens the gums, has antibacterial and antiviral effects. It was created with love for your pleasure. The unique extract from the seeds of the Japanese herb perilla reduces the development of bacteria and prevents the formation of tooth decay.


You can have Dream strawberry toothpaste after a meal instead of dessert! It has an amazing sweet taste. In addition, it contains Betaphroline, a natural component of happiness. The paste gently whitens and reduces the sensitivity of the teeth.

Toothpaste Energy

All these toothpastes contain thermal water from the Podhajska hot spring (Slovakia) of tertiary origin. It is enriched with a special blend of herbs and selected essential oils with antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, and antimycotic effects. 

They may help in inhibition of tooth decay and freshening of breath. They are suitable in cases of canker sores, cold sores and inflammations of oral cavity. They may be used in treatment of bleeding and/ or receding gums. All three toothpastes may be used as a supplement to homeopathic treatment.


Active ingredients: herbal extract (garden ginger, sweet fennel, Japanese pagoda tree, common comfrey, liquorice, wood ear fungus, greater burdock, calamus, lawndaisy, alfalfa, island cetraria lichen), shea butter, croton resin, Tasmanian bluegum oil, myrrh, frankincense and croton extracts, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10


Active ingredients: Herbal extract (liquorice, field horsetail, great burnet, Japanese pagoda tree, sweetclover, German iris, mountain arnica, American whitchhazel, kitchen sage), shea butter, croton resin, Tasmanian bluegum oil, myrrh, frankincense and croton extracts, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10. 


Active ingredients: Herbal extract (great burnet, erect cinquefoil, common comfrey, English lavender, pink trumpet tree, cat's claw, meadow bistort, Japanese angelica tree, Muira Puama), shea butter, croton resin, Tasmanian bluegum oil, myrrh, frankincense and croton extracts, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10.