Sleep Dentistry

Sleep Disorders 

And how to get rid of them

Good sleep and rest is one of the most important thing. Our mood, health, mental state and more depend on it. 

Do you have poor sleep? Do you often wake up? Does one of the following  below bother you?

Sleep apnea 

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder characterized by interruption of breathing during sleep.


Do you suffer from headaches / migraines, back or neck pain or jaw pain, do you feel tired after waking up? It can be caused by grinding / clenching the teeth, dentists call it bruxism. The solution to your problem can be simple - just get a transparent tooth protector. Do not hesitate to ask in our surgery.


A smoother sleep without unnecessary interruptions can be your future. Do you or your partner suffer from snoring as much as 34 % of the adult population? We have a simple and discreet solution for you.

What causes snoring?

Most often, snoring is caused by poor muscle tension in the tongue and neck area. This causes the tongue to "fall" slightly back in the neck, resulting in limited airflow and soft tissue vibration. Snoring is therefore a mechanical process that can be mechanically suppressed. This is where dental therapy begins to work.

Wear Anti-Snoring Guard for a restful sleep.

It consists of one transparent plate for the upper jaw and one for the lower jaw. The lower jaw is held in a position that counteracts airway narrowing. It is a comfortable and at the same time effective protector. Do not hesitate to ask in our surgery, we will be happy to help.