Eva Luskačová
Eva Luskačová

MUDr. et MDDr. EVA Luskačová

Eva has a double degree, qualifying as both a Doctor of Medicine and a Dentist. Eva's ambition has always been to develop a particularly complex approach to her profession. She felt that the study of general medicine - all six years of it - would help her develop a breadth and depth of knowledge that would ultimately result in her becoming a holistic dentist.

She spent 6 years abroad: in Auckland, NZ ( working with Dr. Ed Alcock - a former president of dental council) and in London, UK. She is grateful to life she came across a book Chronic Illness by Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD PE. That is why they use the SMART protocol for removing black fillings (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) according to the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology - IAOMT and nutrition detoxification protocols by Anthony William. Eva loves ancient knowledge of Chinese medicine in combination with modern medicine and technology - healing frequency and quantum physics. She consideres Dr. Joe Dispenza work REVOLUTIONARY.

Eva's main goal is to improve clients' general health (symptoms like heart palpitations, chronic bowl syndrom, asthma, chronic knee pain etc.) and combine it with cosmetic dentistry which makes people shine.

Her favourite quote is "Live, Laugh, Love". She loves her dog Huskie and NATURE.

MUDr. et MDDr. HANA Luskačová

Hana qualified from Charles University in Prague, having completed two degrees, General Medicine and Dentistry.

Hana enjoyed 6 years working and gaining experience abroad in London and Auckland, New Zealand.

She is the founder of the DUO SMILE Spa Dental Hygiene - combination of deep relaxation using NuCalm® technology inspired by Tony Robbins and complex holistic preventative dental hygiene with ozone therapy.

Her dream is to develop a holistic clinic, which would gather mind body soul specialists.

She believes the healing power is within us.

One of Hana's strengths is learning, she inspires people to take personality tests such as Gallup StrengthsFinder or Human Design. She is great at gaining information from international specialists from a broad range of topics and applying it in her practice: nutrition (Anthony William, Dr. Mark Hyman), psychology (Dr. Shefali Tsabary), energy healing (Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bradley Nelson) and the knowledge of Chinese Medicine, frequency and quantum physics.

She enjoys spending time in nature, cold plunges in mountain streams and walks with her dog Goldie. That is where she finds peace and inspiration & ideas for her work. She also likes to cook in Thermomix® and loves to laugh.

Hana Luskačová
Hana Luskačová

Petra Konečná
Petra Konečná

MDDr. PETRA Konečná

Petra graduated in dentistry at the Faculty of Medicine of Palace University in Olomouc. She participated professional seminars and internships in the Czech Republic and abroad during her studies. She still studies and learns new things. She is also excited about every new technique in dentistry.

Her inspirations comes from world famous doctors.

Happy patient and painless treatment are the most important things for her. She is pleased to make you bright smile on your face again.

Family comes first In her personal life. She enjoys sports, reading and handcrafting in her free time.

MDDr. LUCIE Trňáčková

Lucie has graduated from Masaryk University in the field of general dentistry. She gained experience in private clinics in the Czech Republic and in the United Kingdom where she was closely collaborating with an implantologist on complex smile makeovers. Throughout her career, she has focused on general dentistry, endodontics, aesthetic dentistry and prosthetics.

For Lucie, dentistry combines the way to overall health, helping others and a passion for manual craftsmanship. She shows her patients how oral health often directly impacts the health of the whole body and how to prevent chronic diseases of the oral cavity like tooth decay or gum inflammation. Lucie easily wins her patients' hearts with her kind and thorough care, her responsibility and professionality, with which she approaches every individual.

Světlana Reihonsová
Světlana Reihonsová
Lucie Trňáčková
Lucie Trňáčková

SVĚTLANA Reihonsová

Světlana is our lovely nurse who you will be seeing mainly with our doctor Hana. They enjoy working together and they are thick as thieves. Before coming to DUO SMILE Dental Care Světla has been gaining experience for 8 years in a dental clinic in Prague. Beside working with Dr. Hana, she loves assisting surgical procedures such as implants and she makes a great team with our dental surgeon. She is always there for our patients giving the best care possible.

Světlana is very optimistic and always brightening your day with a smile on her face. She enjoys doing sports and is the "biggest" runner in our team. Every year we participate together in the race "Vokolo Priglu". Running has become her passion and her most favourite activity. Beside running, she spends her free time with her family making trips, doing sports and cooking together. Světla loves cooking healthy meals with a lots of vegetables and also low-carb recipes.

Her favourite motto says: "A man without laughter is like a tree without flowers."

VERONIKA Jordánová, DiS.

Veronika graduated secondary school as dental technician to continue her education at college where she studied the field of dental hygiene. She gained precious experience in orthodontics and periodontology during her studies as well as later on, which makes it possible for her to provide very complex care with emphasis on individual patient needs. With her kind yet professional demeanour and her lovely smile, she easily gains the confidence of each and every patient. Her goal is to achieve the state of perfect health and radiant smile for every one of them.

Veronika values the health of her patients and understands that overall health starts in the mouth. If there is something amiss, it shapes the person's self-confidence and well-being. That is why she strives not only to provide high-quality care but also to motivate and support patients on their journey to a healthier life-style.

Veronika has been practicing street dance for many years and thus developed a passion for music and movement. This passion is mirrored in her work where she combines precision with aesthetics. To keep her energy levels and inspiration, she spends her free time in the countryside. Walks, in-line trips and relaxation in natural environments regenerate her and give her harmony which is then reflected in the care that she provides to all her patients.

Veronika Jordánová
Veronika Jordánová