Stop Amalgam

So why DUO SMILE offers NO amalgam fillings? 

At DUO SMILE we believe in using safe remedies to treat our guests. 

1. Amalgam is Toxic

What is an amalgam filling?

Amalgam fillings consist of 50% mercury along with a combination of silver, tin, and copper. Over the years, dentists have been using mercury fillings or "silver/dark  fillings" to fill patients teeth. Through the years of research, scientists have revealed that mercury is actually toxic to the body.

 Exposure to mercury can lead to problems in the brain, heart, kidneys and gut. Some studies show mercury exposure can lead to symptoms like fatigue, irritability, poor concentration and headaches.

See below what effects the amalgam removal has had on our lovely patient Blanka. We are sooo happy for her.

2. Amalgam fillings Crack Teeth

Can you remember old fashioned thermometers? Mercury expands and contracts in it and so as in your amalgam fillings causing micro-fractures and leaks weakening your tooth. On top bacteria can happily travel through them and cause a hole under your filling. 

3. Amalgam fillings are Ugly

The last time we checked no one was asking us for dark teeth. Everyone today is looking for a naturally white smile. Grey is not the new white.

At DUO SMILE we have an alternative to mercury fillings : Composite fillings bond to teeth and can enhance a tooth that is compromised by cracks and fractures. Unlike mercury fillings that weaken teeth, composite can actually enhance the strength of a tooth. ( we use BPA free composite )

We remove mercury fillings every day. Make sure your dentist is using a rubber dam so you don't swallow the mixture of metals coming out of your teeth.
Ask us about our special protocol for mercury removal! We have your health in mind.

At DUO SMILE we have adopted the Best Management Practices (BMP's) and have installed an amalgam separator. We are interested not only in the health of our guests but in keeping Brno's water safe and uncontaminated from mercury!


Mercury is a powerful poison and if you have amalgam (silver) fillings you are being poisoned by them every day. Dr. Tom McGuire's 'Mercury: The Poison in Your Teeth' Video demonstration proves that more mercury vapor is released by brushing a silver amalgam filling than is allowed by governmental regulatory agencies at the workplace.

Dr. McGuire's video also describes the symptoms of chronic mercury poisoning and how to find a dentist.

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