Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening 

In a non-invasive way

Each of us has this powerful ability - a smile. Just discover it.

We are delighted to offer you a unique form of non-invasive whitening at DUO SMILE for your bright smile.

At DUO SMILE, we take care of your health very carefully, so we have chosen from a variety of whitening methods the one with a gentle approach. We use the American brand Opalescence. It contains, among other things, a PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride) component that helps maintain healthy enamel whitening and minimises tooth sensitivity. You don't have to worry, our whitening is gentle and does not endanger the health of teeth or gums.

You can choose from surgery whitening, home bleaching or a combination of both.

  • Combined bleaching SAPPHIRE 

If you ask what form of bleaching is the most effective and recommended, it is the combination of office and home bleaching. In the first step we professionally whiten your teeth in our office. Then we will give you the carriers and you will whiten your teeth at home.

Price for SAPPHIRE whitening:      10 500 CZK
Our TIP: Bleaching with relaxing dental hygiene -> DUO SAPPHIRE:      11 400 CZK 

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  • Surgical bleaching DIAMOND

Surgical bleaching is faster than home bleaching, more precise and carefree. The whitening takes about 1.5 hours and you don't have to think about carriers. You leave straight with a beautiful white smile.

Price for DIAMOND whitening:         7 800 CZK
Our TIP: Whitening with relaxing dental hygiene -> DUO DIAMOND:       8 700 CZK 

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  • Home bleaching PEARL

Would you like to whiten your teeth yourself in the comfort of your home? Then there is home bleaching with carriers created exactly for your teeth. Carries can be reused.

Price for PEARL whitening:                6400 CZK

Our TIP: Whitening with relaxing dental hygiene -> DUO PEARL:        7 350 CZK 

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