Dental Surgery

Dental Surgery at DUO SMILE 

MDDr. Jan Cahlík- Specialist in Implants, Wisdom teeth

In DUO SMILE we provide complex treatments for you. DUO SMILE team is a dental health specialists team, we carry out all treatments including implants, complex wisdom teeth removal. There is no need to be referred to a hospital.

We are proud of having dental surgeon Dr. Jan Cahlík in DUO SMILE team. Dr. Cahlík is an expert in his field and purely specialises in dental implants and complex dental surgeries. He has an extensive knowledge and years of experience both in hospital and private clinic.

It is his passion to be able to manage complex cases and to restore missing teeth by implants. Your dental treatment is therefore more efficient and healing fast and comfortable.

Dental Implants

Most dental practises refer their patients to carry out dental implant surgery in a different dental practice or hospital. At DUO SMILE we provide excellent customer service. The DUO SMILE dental health specialists offer their expertise so there is no running around to other practices. The x-rays, special 3D scans and consultations for each patient are all in one location. DUO SMILE Dental Care cares, you will notice it from the first time you call.

When you lose a tooth due to accident or illness, you may use an implant to "cover" the gap. We cooperate with a premium dental laboratory, they design beautiful crows for implants for us. They are made to look and feel just like your natural teeth.

An implant is placed into the bone where the original tooth's root structure once lived and a crown is secured to the implant. We use 3D scanning technology to determine the most optimal placement for dental implants. It is DUO SMILE’s belief that an implant should not be placed without this imaging.

BENEFITS of implant:

  • bridge is no necessary
  • ideal solution where adjacent teeth are healthy
  • easier dental hygiene
  • looks and feels like a your natural teeth


usually 3 visits over 3-4 months period

Wisdom Teeth

DUO SMILE Dental Care provides complex dental surgeries, Dr. Bojko's expertise is in in dental surgical procedures. He helps with complex teeth removal, be it wisdom teeth, damaged teeth or teeth needs to be removed due to lack of space in your mouth ( orthodontic reasons -braces ).

When wisdom teeth removal is advised?

  • not enough room for wisdom tooth to fully erupt due to small jaw
  • when wisdom tooth erupted at an angle and is impacted
  • wisdom tooth not fully erupted
  • wisdom tooth cause inflammation
  • wisdom tooth cause damage to the tooth right next to it


1 appointment to asses the need of wisdom teeth extraction and one 30-60 minute appointment for the wisdom teeth removal care

(if you need all wisdom teeth to be removed, we usually tend to arrange 2 appointments 4-6 weeks apart)

What Our Guests Say About Us

Andrea Tkačuková

 "I like to see my dentist. Finally! The DUO SMILE girls can explain everything to me and I can understand. I like their focus on prevention and how they look at their patients. They are educated and thrilled about finding the best solution possible. The surgery office is really nice place to be. Thank you for taking such a great care!"

Michal Holub

"DUO SMILE is a very uncommon dentistry. First of all, you will not feel like at a dentistry most of the time... They have really loving approach to their customers. You will feel great, 

but what makes them really unique is their holistic approach to medicine with focus on prevention and fast recovery."

Lucie Pátková

"I had never thought I would be looking forward to go to the dental office where they offer me a cup of coffee and chat with me before my treatment time comes. Eva and Hana are smiley, positive, exceptionally friendly and mainly, they are experts in what they do. That's why I feel completely safe and comfortable at their dental care. DUO SMILE not only knows how to provide you with a healthy smile for life. Each time you meet them face to face you simply have to smile!