Your Mouth Mirrors the Health of Your Whole Body (2)



In the previous part of our series, we discussed the connections between teeth and other organs in the human body. Today, we would like to continue with the topic of dental amalgam (black) fillings, which is a frequently debated issue among experts, with significantly varying opinions.


Amalgam is a mixture of heavy metals, which, besides the most prevalent mercury, includes silver, copper, and tin and was often used in dental fillings in the past. In addition to fillings, we can also encounter metal crowns or bridges, metal-ceramic ones (ceramic and metal), or even golden ones, all of which contain various metal mixtures, most commonly cobalt, nickel, titanium, and chromium.

For several years, there has been information suggesting that mercury may be released from amalgam fillings into the human body. This can happen during regular activities such as chewing food, drinking hot beverages, cleaning teeth, grinding teeth, or especially during the removal of these fillings. This could potentially impact our overall health.


Mercury can trigger inflammatory reactions in the body, weaken the immune system, or serve as a source of nourishment for viruses and bacteria, making them more resilient and aggressive. This is particularly relevant when combined with other heavy metals. Besides circulating in the bloodstream, mercury can accumulate deep in tissues, primarily in the brain, liver, and kidneys. It can pass through the placenta to the embryo and concentrate in breast milk.

Various symptoms may result from these effects, ranging from headaches, fatigue, digestive issues, memory problems to depression. According to some sources, heavy metals, especially in combination with aggressive viruses, could be responsible for severe neurological difficulties and diseases such as Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, ADHD, autism, and others.

The negative effects of mercury or other heavy metals are challenging to diagnose, especially when they result from chronic exposure to low doses. Many symptoms are often attributed to stress or aging, including chronic fatigue, headaches, memory loss, inability to concentrate, mood swings, nervousness, tremors, and depression.

To some extent, heavy metals can be detected in urine and blood, but we recommend hair analysis, where values are approximately 300 times higher.

Each tooth is connected to a specific organ, muscle, spinal segment, nerves, endocrine gland, and more. When the energy flow is disrupted due to tooth damage caused by toxins from heavy metals, it can affect the energy pathways of all the organs, glands, and tissues located on that meridian. For example, affected lower molars can influence the bronchi, lungs, and large intestine.


In our practice, we draw on knowledge published in scientific literature and our personal experiences. Let's share two stories as examples.

For instance, one of our patients described the alleviation of asthma symptoms and a sense of relief from a "stuffy nose" and congested sinuses after removing amalgam fillings and metal pins that had been in her mouth since childhood. Now she feels like she can breathe properly again.

Another middle-aged woman noticed reduced joint pain after removing amalgams and realized that a metal pin in her front tooth might have been contributing to her infertility since front teeth lie on urogenital meridian- connected with reproduction.

However, as with everything, it is essential to remember that each person has a different body, and therefore, an individualized approach is necessary to carefully assess the balance of benefits and risks of these procedures.


If someone decides to replace dental amalgam fillings, due to the harmful effects of mercury vapors, we recommend their gentle removal using a special protocol. During this process, patients have a nasal oxygen cannula to inhale, and mercury vapors are absorbed by special filters. It is advisable to incorporate saunas, physical activity, and dietary adjustments for body detoxification during and before this process. We especially recommend smoothies made from wild blueberries and cilantro, as they are excellent antioxidants and bind heavy metal toxins from tissues.

Dietary supplements are also essential! It is advisable to target detoxification primarily towards the liver and intestines. Humate preparations are significant, both for internal (we recommend Cytosan) and external use. They contain humates, which are extracts from peat. They bind heavy metals, toxins, substances of organic and inorganic origin, and safely remove them from the body, purifying it. They not only expel heavy metals but also other chemicals, mutagens, radiation exposure, drugs, viruses, etc.

For external use (the skin is the body's largest organ, which is beneficial to exploit), humic substances also eliminate harmful substances from the skin. We recommend Cytosan soap and shampoo and Balneol humate bath.

To support the functionality of the colon and its ability to remove toxins from the body, probiotics can be helpful. Probiosan Inovum includes probiotic cultures, beta-glucans from oyster mushroom, and colostrum, which boost the immune system.

We appreciate a combination of Spirulina and Barley from green superfoods. They aid in body detoxification, reduce acidity in the body, supplement it with vitamins and minerals, enhance its performance, and promote regeneration.