Your Mouth Mirrors the Health of Your Whole Body (1)



What do you picture when we talk about a "smile"? Beautiful white teeth? Do you picture attraction, love, and contentment like I do? Laughter, family, or your community? Someone might picture productivity and self-confidence, or strength, leadership and career advancement. Your mouth is more than just a smile, we communicate through our mouths. We communicate our thoughts, enjoy delicious food, start relationships, and express how we feel. We smile, sing, and laugh. When we are afraid we sometimes cover our mouths. You can tell a lot from the mouth's expressions and the state of one's teeth. Strong teeth have been a sign of strength and dominance since the beginning of time. We even see this in the world of animals. Our mouths are important sources of information - they reflect the state of our whole body and our health. We would like to focus on this aspect of the mouth in larger detail.


Strong and healthy teeth are a sign of healthy kidneys. Kidneys serve as the brain and strength of our bodies. They influence all of our organs. Kidneys help provide a strong foundation for the growth of bones and teeth, the creation of saliva, and the development of proper hearing and healthy hair. Kidneys are associated with fear, shock, and horror. If you have weak teeth that easily get cavities in spite of regular and proper dental hygiene, we recommend strengthening your kidney system. A tonic made from the extract of dried Chinese wolfberry Goji Organic Powder is great for strengthening your kidneys and weakened teeth. We also recommend the Renol herbal concentrate in combination with Skeletin or King Kong. Which herbal concentration you use is individual and varies, so it will be good to ask an expert to determine your base.


Every tooth, just like everything else in our bodies, lies on a certain energy pathway that connects organs, glands with internal secretion, joints, vertebraes, etc. This can be shown on the upper molars that lay on the stomach meridian. This pathway does not only relate to the stomach, but also your liver, mammary glands, thyroid glands, jaw, thoracic spine, and knees. If you have problems with bloating, bad digestion, heat regulation, knee pain, or you are worried, acrimonious, quiet or, on the other hand, have anger management issues, believe us that the pathway might be blocked in your damaged tooth. Tooth damage (we are purposefully not mentioning tooth pain because that seldom appears, which is tricky, because in those situations we don't suspect the tooth) can affect any organ or body part that lays on said pathway. We quite commonly find stomach issues or problems with the thyroid gland in relation to damaged upper molars. Wisdom teeth are a good example. We regularly see patients that complain about heart problems, and not many people would connect the heart with teeth. Wisdom teeth lay on the small intestine meridian, which connects the heart, ears, eyes, etc.

We have patients with chronic inflammation around the area of their wisdom teeth. They also suffer from migraines, repeated tonsillitis, pain in their lower abdomen, heart palpitations, or ear, elbow, and shoulder pain. After the extraction of their wisdom teeth, these problems go away.



Today we are starting a new series of articles that will expand your knowledge of the interconnection between individual teeth and body parts. We will talk about everything in our oral cavity that can affect our health. We will talk about which Energy products we recommend in various situations, along with stories of our patients from our whole career. Every new entry will be about a certain area. Whether it's chronic inflammation of the teeth and gums, or toothpastes and tooth whitening, or problems with root canals or amalgam fillings. We'll answer frequently asked questions including controversial topics like fluoride in toothpastes and heavy metals in amalgam fillings. We will explain why we recommend toothpastes WITHOUT fluoride and how to properly remove poisonous amalgams. We will also clarify why in our overall health dental hygiene has a key role. How does the extraction of wisdom teeth and other teeth work? How do I properly prepare for the procedure and can my tooth hurt long after it's been extracted? We will talk about crowns and why we recommend ceramic implants, but also about the effects that snoring or teeth clenching has on our health.

We're excited to discover together that the human body is amazing and that it's enough to learn how to listen to it and know how to help it. We believe that the most powerful physician is in each of us.

This article was published in Vitae magazine in March 2023.