We Are Growing


We believe it's great to have dreams and we also believe you should always follow them no matter what! We are grateful to our clients, thanks to them our dream came true! We are expanding our holistic dental care and hence we are able to serve more people. The very new DUO SMILE dental SPA room for dental hygiene and teeth whitening is ready to be enJOYed. Welcome in to check it out.

Why did we decide to have another preventative room?

We have had many of you asking us for our services, dental cleans and teeth whitenings combined with relaxation and let's be honest we couldn't see how the waiting time to get appointment got longer and longer. So we "action" on it! We are happy NOW to be able to register our client's family members and friends.

We are proud to see that our services are popular and we appreciate that more and more people acknowledge the importance of regular and consistent prevention.

What is our new dental SPA room like?

It's magical! When you enter we feel the sense of calmness and harmony is there already. You experience the room with all your senses. It's designed by Feng-Shui and 5 elements.

You will enJOY excellent dental hygiene combined with aromatherapy, relaxing music and revolutionary relaxation technology NuCalm®. You may enjoy herbal tea and you can tuck under soft blanket while having your treatment done. The feeling of ease is enhanced thanks to eye mask or dark glasses you wear. ( No eyes blinding dental light. )

Oral cavity is a mirror to your overall health. Regular dental hygiene appointments secure healthy smile for life and also maintain your whole body.

SPA II. reconstruction timeline April - July 2021

We love "makeovers" and documenting "before & after" images at DUO SMILE. It's wonderful to see the change in people's not only looks but we more so recognise the change in people's "energy". They say they feel ( and we see it ) more confident, sexy, successful at work and their relationships, in better mood. Their whole life situation is being changed oftentimes. And we are not surprised, we believe beautiful and healthy teeth are the key to your healthy and confident self. We present ourselves by mouth, we communicate by our mouth, we kiss with our mouth.

Inspired by our teeth "before & after's". See the reconstruction in a similar manner :-) We hope you would like the new room just like we do. Big shout out to the whole team who helped us make the SPA II. room ready for you and made the process of shipping the comfy dental chair all the way from Canada so smooth. Many thanks!