We Accept Employee Cards


We often hear from you how situation of these days becomes more heavy for you. We also often hear it's difficult to find a place to relax and recharge to stay productive.

We are frequently asked whether you can use your employee benefits or your credit from Cafeteria because you have no idea where to use them and you don't want them to expire.

Yes, sadly, gyms, swimming pools, massages or facials are closed and a visit of your doctor or a dental appointment is, paradoxically, for many the only opportunity to leave the PC behind, get out of your home office and get a bit of fresh air. 

For the reasons above we have decided to expand the possibility of using your employee benefits at DUO SMILE Dental Care Clinic for you. Currently we accept Sodexo, Benefit Plus, Benefity, Up and Edenred employee card.

We Accept Employee Cards
We Accept Employee Cards

We offer complex dental care as well as aesthetic dental hygiene and teeth whitening combined with unique relaxing and regenerating technology which is broadly use not only in between f.i. high performance sports people like winners of US OPEN or Stanley Cup who use it to enhance their fitness and focus but also CEOs of big companies.

We offer professional teeth cleaning combined with revolutionary technology. Thanks to this technology you enhance energy, improve your mood, focus and quality of your sleep as well as regeneration of your whole body.

How to apply employee benefits?

Simply book an appointment for any DUO SMILE service and use paper vouchers or an electronic benefit card when paying.

We look forward to you!