Dental Spa in DUO SMILE


DUO SMILE SPA: Dental Hygiene in a Different Way

An extremely pleasant place you can experience with all your senses. You see, you hear, you feel... You relax and at the same time you contribute to your own health, prevent disease and build your immunity. Sounds like a fairy tale? DUO SMILE Dental Care at Pekařská Street in Brno as opened the first SPA-style dental relaxation center in the Czech Republic, which does not look like a typical dental office at all. Why did English speaking twin dentists decide to launch DUO SMILE SPA? What is it like there and who is it suitable for?

Draw your attention to these two lovely, smiley and wonderful ladies, Eva and Hana, and read their amazing story about how they came up with the idea of opening DUO SMILE SPA:

"Our story began in Šumperk where we were born in a doctor's family. Our dad and grandfather were obstetricians, that's why we kept seeing white coats all the time and playing doctors all our childhood. We especially admired how they helped other people and changed their lives. In the end, we chose dentistry due to different life situations:

Before the revolution (the Velvet Revolution that took place in the Czech Republic in 1989 - editor's note), together with our classmates we used to go to the preventive dental examinations every 6 months, when the whole class was chased at the health center and one after another we went to the surgery to see a dentist. Most children got a commendation within just 2 minutes (!), a couple of "unlucky" children were dropped on and returned to the waiting room with tears on their faces. We also were commended, but since we were only 6 years old and the first permanent teeth erupted, we had tiny white spots on them. We were curious about why we got them, but nobody, not even our doctor, could explain it to us (now we know that it was due to a higher fluoride supply)."

A revolutionary change at 10 years of age

The crucial break came to girls when they were 10 years old and they decided to change a dentist. The new dentist who they become fond of found three interdental defects, and thus revealed to them a revolutionary thing at the time - the secret of a "healthy smile for life" THE one they now keep telling to friends, acquaintances, family, DUO SMILE guests and everyone who is eager to listen.

It's the care of interdental spaces, and thus the use of interdental floss. It was truly an "aha" moment for them! Nearly 30 years have passed yet they still don't have new dental fillings or any gum problems.

First of all, their experience is reflected in the DUO SMILE SPA - this amazing dentist duo wants to pass on what their life taught them. What they definitely have verified is that it actually works and, in fact, everyone can do it. DUO SMILE want to spread awareness, prevention and everything they have learned - both in general medicine and dentistry, and during their internships in New Zealand and London.

DUO SMILE are eager to keep up with work where they see results, to help people suffering from toothache and, above all, to prevent it, to see how satisfied their clients are and how they improve health overall.

Dental hygiene as a cornerstone of prevention and a pleasant experience. What is behind the main idea of DUO SMILE DENTAL SPA?

"At DUO SMILE SPA, we focus on dental hygiene in order to prevent anyone from having problems with the oral cavity. The oral cavity is an entry into the respiratory and digestive tract. Every inflammation that begins with a redness of the gums, their bleeding or swelling is a chronic one and manifests itself after five, ten or fifteen years and not only in the cavity itself but even in other parts of the body. Dental prevention is the basis for not having pain, caries, inflammation, chronic oral cavity disease and disease of other organs. Everything in our body is thoroughly connected and the oral cavity reflects our overall health. It's good to hear that DUO SMILE dental care clients feel very good after regular dental preventions. Generally, we all know how to take care of hair, skin, nails or our back: that's the kind of information you can see quite frequently. Most of us visit beauty salons, undertake massages and rehabilitation procedures on a regular basis. However we do not pay much attention to dental care. A very small amount of people realizes how important it is to visit a dentist at least twice a year for dental hygiene and thus to be proactive regarding prevention.

At the same time, their "SPA" aims to save people their time and money for dental substitutes and turn dental hygiene into a pleasant experience. It's well known that in general people do not like dental hygiene. They are afraid, they find it expensive, they are constantly doubting whether they really need it, they don't want to undergo a medical treatment. We are trying to reverse this truly wrong mindset. DUO SMILE dental care guests enjoy dental hygiene, relax while having it, and really look forward to it, it becomes one of the pleasant activities of their lives."

How do DUO SMILE do it?

There are three main "tools" which they use in their SPA:

  • Relaxing Headphones: a kind of modern technology that DUO SMILE have been using in their office for almost two years. These headphones are based on theta waves. During the whole day, our brain emits different vibrations which can be detected. Whenever we sleep, speak or focus, different phases of brain waves occur and influence us in one way or another. These specific headphones produce a special kind of waves that we naturally have in the pre-sleep state (so-called theta waves).

At this state of mind, molecular regeneration is in its best condition, cells and body are healing the best, and a person is going deep into "meditation". What is great is that it feels very much like drifting peacefully off to sleep. DUO SMILE see amazing results on their patients, and regeneration is way faster after using the system. In the US, this technology has been used for ten years and is pretty helpful not only in medical fields. For example, it is used by top athletes for regeneration or people who tend to travel frequently - 20 minutes with headphones playing relaxing music will replace two hours of deep sleep!

  • Music: DUO SMILE play music of a certain frequency into the headphones that heals, soothes, has a positive effect on the brain and its vibrations get our body into regenerative mode, improve energy, positive thinking and attention.

  • Aromatherapy: since the time DUO SMILE have discovered herbs and natural medicine, they combine in their SPA both herbs and essential oils to utilise the healing effects of plants, thus giving their clients positive energy and, of course, to arrange gorgeous surroundings.

Thanks to this complex attitude, they succeed in preventing their present and future clients from spending unnecessary amounts of money on dental fillings or crowns. Furthermore, their clients do not have to be afraid of having unexpected problems while on vacation, they are less prone to systemic diseases and they do not have to lose time on doctors appointments (except for the important preventive purposes).

DUO SMILE feel extremely responsible for all, and they are eager to share all the knowledge they have gained. They carry out their mission to make sure their clients have continuous preventive care they will actually enjoy. DUO SMILE SPA regenerates your soul, body and mind.

Who is DUO SMILE SPA for?

The answer is pretty simple: it's for all those who want to maintain healthy teeth and a healthy body for a whole lifetime: children, adults, seniors - basically every person in the world. It's for everyone who is looking for painless teeth treatment and is eager to save their time and money.

Book your place in DUO SMILE SPA and choose any kind of package which suits your needs! Along with a first visit, you'll get an upgrade to the package for free!

Photo by Lucy Urbaníková