Natural Mouthwash Recipe


DUO SMILE care about the person connected to the tooth not just the tooth.

Gum bleeding and complex health.

Mouth is the beginning to your respiratory and digestive tract. Therefore health of the oral cavity is critically important to your general health.

Did you know that gum disease ( gum bleeding, swelling, sensitivity and redness ) and tooth decay ( * tap to watch duo smile video ) is one of the most common bacterial infection?!

However it is very easy to prevent it!

Brushing technique and flossing is essential.


Salt water mouthwash:

Mix one teaspoon of salt in 125ml of almost boiling water- ideally filtered (nonfuorinated, nonchlorinated). The hot water will activate and dissolve the salt. You may add a drop of an essential oil and shake it not stir it!

And your mouth wash is ready!

Sip a bit - swish, swish, swish rigorously and spit.

Repeat it 2-3times a day or hourly should you have more severe inflammation.

Why Salt Water?

It makes pH of our mouth alkaline ... hence eliminates microbes.

Salt rinses are not only great when you suffer from gum bleeding, they are also beneficial as a preventative measure or when you have mouth sore or ulcer, also after dental treatment; dental hygiene, tooth removal or tooth replacement ( implant surgery).

The Czech saying "SUL NAD ZLATO"👸 🤓 ( Salt Over Gold ) DUOSMILE 100% agrees on!

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