Does snoring keep you awake?


Do you or your partner snore?


You're not alone.

Snoring affects 34% of the adult population.

Significantly increases after age 35.

Should you be concerned?


Evidence Based Medicine

Good night's sleep is incredibly important for your health.

( reparative mechanisms on molecular level )

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More restful nourishing sleep may be in your future.

What causes snoring?

Most typically, snoring is caused by poor muscle tone of the tongue and throat. This causes tongue to fall backwards in the throat resulting in restricted airflow and vibration of soft tissues. So snoring is a mechanical process that can be counteracted mechanically. Here the dental therapy comes into action.

Wear SnoreGuard for restful nourishing sleep:

It consists of one transparent splint for the upper jaw and one for the lower jaw. The lower jaw is held in the position that counteracts the narrowing of the respiratory tracts. It is a comfortable and at the same time effective snoreguard.

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