Our new dentists

We are thrilled to introduce  our new wonderful dentists Drs. Leona and Nicola. Yes, also twins like the two of us. They are full of smiles and excited about helping their new patients. They speak English, Spanish and Portuguese fluently.  

Are you looking for a professional, caring and positive dentist in the center of Brno? We would like to welcome you to our holistic dental clinic DUO SMILE. Book on-line, email us on info@duosmile.cz or call +420 720 020 232  to arrange your appointment. We are looking forward to meeting you. 

MDDr. NICOLA Reinholdová

Nicola finished her studies at Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry in Olomouc. During her studies she spent one year abroad on Erasmus - firstly in Vigo, Spain - where she was learning about Implantology. Then she spent the other half in Portugal, where she was taking care of local patients at a university near Lisbon.

Apart from that she also attended many Czech and international congresses and courses. She was actively involved in the Czech Dental Students´ Association - by leading the team, preparing international exchanges and representing with her sister abroad. During those years she understood that her job is her passion and she loves to help patients by creating their new smiles. Her goal is to help her patients to manage their anxiety during dental treatments and also to teach them how to take care of their teeth. Satisfaction of her patients is always her goal as well as the goal of the whole DUO SMILE team.

She loves travelling, meeting people from all over the world and learning new languages. She can speak fluently English, Spanish, Portuguese and also a little Russian. That is what helps her to communicate with her patients and her foreign friends. Now she focuses on learning German and Italian. She likes to swim in summer and ski in winter. Her other hobbies are reading, cooking, photographing and she loves spending time with her closest ones.

MDDr. LEONA Reinholdová

Leona studied Dentistry at Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry in Olomouc and she also spent a year abroad - in Portugal and in Spain.

She chose Dentistry as a profession to be able to help people because that is what makes her really happy. She also kept studying new languagues which became her hobby. She can speak fluently English, Spanish, Portuguese, a little Russian and she is currently studying German and Italian so she can understand her patients perfectly. She takes care of her clients with respect and patience and she tries to help them manage their stress. Her goal is a pain-free treatment so her clients can feel comfortable, which she shares with the whole "smiling" team.

They were both with her twin sister very active already during their studies, they met a lot of mentors from many countries, who helped them to achieve their dream and they continue studying at many Czech and international events. Last but not least, she also leaded the Czech Dental Students´ Association which gave her a lot of experience. Modern technologies (not only in dentistry) are her passion.

She loves spending her free time travelling with her sister where she can meet new interesting people, understand different cultures and relax. She also likes to cook, skate and ski during winter. Her family means everything to her.