Hledáme ZUBAŘE ZUBAŘKU s celostním přístupem a zdravým životním stylem. A to na plný nebo částečný úvazek (12-30 hod/ týden, 2-směnný provoz) vhodné i pro maminky s dětmi. 

Adec500, 3DCT, Imlantmed, Reciproc, relaxační technologie atd. na místě. Nástup možný IHNED.

Zájemci CV a motivační dopis posílejte na info@duosmile.cz



We are looking for a person who will be the brain, the soul and the face of our clinic. Our right hand.

How do we picture you?

Are you empathetic, cheerful and want to take care of other people? Your English and Czech is excellent (second language is an advantage), you have technical skills (work with Apple products, Google Suit, Excel, reservation system and others), are you a perfectionist and enJOY systems & logistics?

Do we have high demands? It is not over yet! You should stay cool even with demanding clients. Do not lose your nerves. Be interested in healthy life style - eat carrot, salads, vitamin C supplements from hyppophae, exercise your body, ride the bike or conquer the nearest mountain.

We are looking for a person who will be fulfilled with the job and who wants to do the best customer support possible.

What to expect:

  • Family atmosphere
  • Cozy and modern working environment
  • Common activities
  • Bonuses
  • Career growth
  • Modern leadership that applies an international trends
  • Income: 25 000 - 45 000 Kč by ability per month

    Responsibilities and duties

    • Manage Operations
    • Review of the key systems needed to run a business, including: customer service, billing, communication, back-ups, marketing, follow up and delivery
    • Creation and maintenance of your
    • Standard Operating & Procedures (SOP) Guide
    • Management of all client payments and collections process
    • Management of systems access and login information
    • Ensuring there is an effective backup system in place for all information (including the business owner's computer)
    • Establish decision making guidelines for team members

    Manage Team

    • Identify team needs based on current business goals and projects
    • Create measures of success for the role
    • Determine what type of specialist would be the best fit
    • Craft job posting/ details
    • Blast opportunity out there via various networks
    • Filter initial responses and review portfolios
    • Set up interviews
    • Narrow choices after initial interviews and request proposal
    • Set up second interview (if necessary)
    • Check references from other clients
    • Review proposals from preferred candidates
    • Making the offer to selected candidate
    • Ensure there is a signed contract in place for all hires
    • Create communication plan with new team members
    • Get them proper information and/or training for their role
    • Regular reporting on measures of success for their role
    • 90 Day Review (for long term)
    • Keeping the team motivated in their work
    • Handling team challenges as they arise
    • Tracking Metrics
    • Keeping track of key statistics for the business on a weekly & monthly basis
    • Setting up a reporting system that includes what to track
    • Analyzing metrics and discussing trends/ patterns with business owner 

    Are you still interested? Send us your CV to info@duosmile.cz

    We are looking forward to you!