Teeth cleaning

Health Begins in the Mouth

Regular Dental Hygiene = Healthy Smile for Life

At DUO SMILE Dental Care we believe prevention is the key to long term healthy and happy life. It's our goal to keep your mouth problem free. Your mouth is a gateway to respiratory and digestive tract so as "little" sign of inflammation such as bleeding of your gums influence your whole bod. There's studies linking gum disease, gut disease and rheumatoid arthritis. You may not see it/ feel it right away but sometimes over 5, 10, 15 years is fully visible but same time sadly irreversible.

Dental prevention = regular teeth cleaning secures no pain, decays, inflammation of your mouth and no risk of bacteria from your mouth inflammating other parts of your body. Did you know that every single tooth in your mouth is connected to specific organs in your body? This is something that practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine have known for thousands of years. Tooth/ Body connection chart here.

The mouth is the mirror to the body. We see this everyday in our office when our DUO SMILE guests come and see us regularly healthy and happy.

DUO SMILE believes it is crutial to maintain regular dental clean, werecommed minimum of 2 visits per year. The same way we care about our cars!, hair, skin, backs or nails, we ought to look after our oral health. At DUO SMILE we take dental cleaning to a different level. We provide luxurious experience where all your senses get an attention. We combine prevention with relaxation and regeneration. We use healing frequencies and aromatherapy, you will be "tucked in" under a soft blanket and you may enJOY a lovely herbal cup of tea afterwards. You may choose a right dental treat for you in our DUO SMILE Spa Packages here. ENJOY. Xx

Teeth Cleaning at DUO SMILE Spa from 1 980 Kč for adult.