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Andrea Tkačuková

"I like to see my dentist. Finally! The DUO SMILE girls can explain everything to me and I can understand. I like their focus on prevention and how they look at their patients. They are educated and thrilled about finding the best solution possible. The surgery office is really nice place to be. Thank you for taking such a great care!"

Michal Holub

"DUO SMILE is a very uncommon dentistry. First of all, you will not feel like at a dentistry most of the time... They have really loving approach to their customers. You will feel great,
but what makes them really unique is their holistic approach to medicine with focus on prevention and fast recovery."

Lucie Pátková

"I had never thought I would be looking forward to go to the dental office where they offer me a cup of coffee and chat with me before my treatment time comes. Eva and Hana are smiley, positive, exceptionally friendly and mainly, they are experts in what they do. That's why I feel completely safe and comfortable at their dental care. DUO SMILE not only knows how to provide you with a healthy smile for life. Each time you meet them face to face you simply have to smile!"