We can do it!


These days are difficult for all of us but together web can make it through. 

It is important to help each other, wear protection equipment (masks), take care of prevention and boost our immune system. You can read more in this article.

We read expert studies, translate English articles for you and send other important tips and information about coronavirus. We also share all these information on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Our articles can be found on the web. Follow us and share these important information from experts to people around you. Thank you 

Since we already have enough medical aids, DUO SMILE Dental Care ORDINATE again! Because of capacity reasons, however, we only accept our EXISTING clients. Thank you for your understanding.

We have received masks, respirators, disinfectants and we secured an UV lamp to disinfect surfaces and air. We also introduced protective measures, see below. Our clinic will be safe for everyone. We look forward to seeing you!

To strengthen your immune system we recommend to have enough sleep, vitamins, minerals, fresh air do not forget to take care of your oral cavity! it is the gateway to overall health.

We prescribe a walk or run through the woods, hardening, quality lowcarb diet and in the evening some beautiful book or comedy. We clean teeth three times a day, using dental tape and rinses with salty mouthwash. The recipe for it and its effects can be found here.

We are following these precautions below

In the clinic, we all wear protective surgical masks/ respirators, special full body coats, hats and shields . We sanitize all surfaces including door handles (we use a special sanitizing UV lamp since coronavirus is thermolabile). We also leave windows opened for ventilation almost at all times.

When you arrive, we will invite you to go to the second waiting room (through the main doors to your LEFT) and ask you to wash and sanitize your hands (for 30 seconds minimum). Our assistant will measure you your body temperature (if your temperature is above 37,5 °C, we unfortunately will need to ask you to go home without any treatment) Then we ask you to fill a COVID-19 form with several questions regarding current situation. If you answer YES on any question, we would need to ask you to also go home.

Should all of the above is clear, we then invite you to our clinical room for your treatment. Before we start your treatment we ask you to rinse with hydrogen peroxide mouthwash. This rinsing solution significantly lowers pathogens in your oral cavity.

Important: If you are NOT feeling well and/or you show symptoms of infection (fever, cough, runny nose, etc.) please cancel your appointment, ideally at least 48 hours before your planned appointment. In case of urgent situation, please contact us via e-mail. We will get back to you as soon as we can and try to do our best to help you. In case of severe urgent situation, please contact Emergency Hospital Ponávka 6, Brno.

t: +420545538421

We wish everyone strength, positivity and health

DUO SMILE Dental Care team